ASAP Motors gives tips on car buying

ASAP Motors, Blythewood, SC
ASAP Motors Blythewood, SC

BLYTHEWOOD, SC, Jan. 16, 2016 – Buying a car can be overwhelming, especially if you know very little about cars. ASAP Motors owner Jonathan Carpenter takes pride in educating car buyers on the best way to ride for less.

Carpenter says there are two points car buyers should always consider when shopping for a car: budget and practicality.

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ASAP Motors Branding Campaign


ASAP Motors is a used car dealership in Blythewood, South Carolina. It has been in business since 2014 and retired Army Sergeant Major Jonathan Carpenter is the sole owner and operator of the business. Throughout his military career, Carpenter bought and sold used cars as a hobby. He turned his hobby into a business when he retired from the Army in 2013.

This video campaign gives a brief background on ASAP Motors and the owner of the business. It includes research, a SWOT analysis, and goals and objectives. It also describes the company’s demographics, buyer persona and target audience.



Capstone Project Frequently Asked Question

This is a list of frequently asked questions about Angel Jackson’s Branded Capstone Project with Full Sail University. Angel collaborated with Blythewood, SC used car dealership ASAP Motors for this project.


Q1: What is a capstone project?

A1: A capstone project with Full Sail University is a project that consists of a detailed public relations plan that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and concepts across the Public Relations Master of Arts Degree Program curriculum. (Full Sail Universtiy 2015 Catalog).


Q2: Why work with real businesses and organizations?

A2: Full Sail University’s Public Relations Master of Arts Program places real-world experiences as a top priority in education for students (FSU thesis project letter).


Q3: Why did you choose ASAP Motors for your capstone project?

A3: ASAP Motors is a new business. The company was established in 2013 with a brick-and-mortar building in 2014. Working with a new business allows the opportunity to implement new platforms and be a part of the company’s growth process.


Q4: How will ASAP Motors help with a degree in Public Relations?

A4: Working with ASAP Motors for this capstone project presents a unique opportunity in digital media marketing because the company is new to many social media platforms and non-existent on other popular social media platforms.


Q5: Is the work you do on this capstone project considered professional?

A5: Full Sail University students work under the guidance of FSU instructors to ensure the quality and professionalism of their work throughout the capstone project. (FSU thesis project letter).


Q6: Why reach out to local media for a school project?

A6: Working with local media, journalists in the used car industry, and trade magazines help further the increase the learning experience for this capstone project.


Q7: Are you attempting to get free publicity for ASAP Motors?

A7: No. The FSU Public Relations Master of Arts program requires students to create social media campaigns and help with branding strategies for active companies. (FSU thesis project letter).


Q8: What are you looking to gain by reaching out to media?

A8: Working with traditional and nontraditional media is a great opportunity to gain real-world experience as a Public Relations professional working on behalf of an active organization.


Q9: What stage of the program are you currently in?

A9: The Full Sail University Public Relations Master of Arts program is a 12-month program. I am currently in month 11 of the program.


Q10: What will your final project look like?

A10: The final project will consist of a written thesis based on experience with ASAP Motors, and a web portfolio on my website at

PDF copy of the Capstone Project FAQs


About Us


Capstone Project Personnel

Jonathan Carpenter is the owner of ASAP Motors
Jonathan Carpenter is the owner of ASAP Motors

Jonathan Carpenter, ASAP Motors Owner

Jonathan Carpenter founded ASAP Motors in 2013. Following his passion for fixing motor vehicles, he opened the brick-and-mortar shop in Blythewood, SC in 2014 as the sole owner and operator. Jonathan is an ardent used car dealer and enjoys offering affordable transportation.

Jonathan is a graduate of Northcentral University. In 2013, he retired from the U.S. Army as a military police command sergeant major. In addition to owning ASAP Motors, he now teaches criminal justice as an adjutant professor at Benedict College in Columbia, SC.

Jonathan is a member of the Carolina’s Independent Automobile Dealers Association. He is married, and the proud father and grandfather to six children and a grandchild.



Angel Jackson, PR Specialist

Angel Jackson, Public Relations Specialist

Angel Jackson is a Public Affairs Officer in South Carolina.  She currently works as a Public Affairs Plans Officer which gives her insight and experience working on strategic communication.


In addition to working full time, Angel is studying for her Masters in Public Relations at Full Sail University. This branded capstone project is part of her studies at FSU. She also has an MS in Business from Colorado Technical University and a BA in Communication from Columbus State University. Angel has an AA in Journalism from Middle Georgia State College and is a graduate of the Defense Information School Public Affairs Qualification Course.

Angel has a passion for writing, photography, and working with others. She enjoys reputation and crisis management, and eventually wants to work as a publicist. Angel looks forward to working with established and new companies to help with brand establishment and a digital presence.




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ASAP Motors serving the community


BLYTHEWOOD, SC, Feb. 6, 2016 – ASAP Motors owner Jonathan Carpenter is living out his dream buying and selling used cars to those who may not be able to afford a vehicle otherwise. Carpenter started fixing cars and selling them at a discount as a hobby while serving in the Army. After retiring from the Army, he turned that hobby into a business.

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